Yesterday, on August 10, while the entire otaku population in Tokyo was gathered over in Odaiba for Comiket 84, Japanese eyewear maker Jins held a very special event in Akihabara as part of a marketing stunt to promote the newly-launched “Anime One Piece: Limited by Jins” set of fashion spectacles.

At the event, Jins invited six celebrities who are all fans of the One Piece manga and anime series – gravure idols Anri Sugihara and Tama Mizuki, comedian duos Non Style (Akira Ishida and Yuusuke Inoue) and Peace (Yuuji Ayabe and Naoki Matayoshi) – and had them all dressed up in One Piece cosplay.

one piece jins glasses 12

The cosplaying celebs are then stationed at six human-sized vending machines, hidden behind curtains.

Shoppers who attended the special event and purchased a pair of the limited edition Jins eyewear were given special medals for the human-sized vending machines.

When inserted into the vending machine, the medals would make one of the six One Piece cosplay celebrities pop out from behind the curtains to interact with shoppers. Pretty nifty marketing stunt, huh?

one piece jins glasses 07

I’m not entirely sure if the event attendees were given a choice as to which celebrity cosplayer they wanted to interact with. It’s probably random; because if not, judging from the event photos, I’m pretty sure a ridiculously long line would form just for gravure idol Anri Sugihara, who cosplayed as Nico Robin!

one piece jins glasses 08

The promotional event was held a second time earlier today, but with other One Piece cosplayers involved as opposed to the celebrity guests on the first day.

If you’re interested in getting a pair yourself, the One Piece: Limited by Jins fashion spectacles are available now in Japan, sold at the price 4,990 yen (including tax) for one pair.

Nine designs are available, each themed after a different One Piece main character. Outside of the nine designs, a few additional colour variations are also available, for a total of 15 colours.

jins one piece

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