With Cinema Staff’s Great Escape single due out August 21, more details are being revealed about what sort of special goods fans can look forward to.

When it was announced that Linked Horizon would be returning for the opening and Cinema Staff would be tackling the ending of the “titanically” popular Attack on Titan, fans braced themselves for another dose of awesome.

They won’t have to wait months for a single to be released this time, though, as Cinema Staff’s ED single will be hitting stores next week. Depending on the store you go to, however, the special illustration  you will receive with the release will be different.


For those ordering from Animate, Captain Levi will be joining you on your ride home, while Tower Records customers will receive Eren striking an attack-ready pose.


Fans of the ever-popular Mikasa will have to make their way to a TSUTAYA Records store to take her home. If you order it at any other store partnered with cinema staff, you’ll net a lovely illustration of Armin.


The CD will cost 1,300 yen and is being put out by Pony Canyon. As a reminder of what your ears can look forward to, below is the teaser trailer.

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