Lawson is bringing even more Attack on Titan goods to stores in September, and that means even more potato goodness for Sasha Braus.

Lawson and Family Mart are notorious for running campaigns with anime and even VOCALOID. Starting September 3 at 7 AM Lawson will be continuing their last Attack on Titan that ended on  August 23. This time it will  offer up clear files, minicases, and even a chance at a signed poster.


The food being offered this time isn’t as easy as all types of Calbee chips. Instead it will be two Attack on Titan themed snacks. One will be a bag of Survey Corps Butter Cookies, and the other will be Sasha’s Potato Chips. Each will cost fans 105 yen, but with how happy Sasha is on the bag that may not matter.


A set of writing tablets featuring scenes from the show will also be on sale for 210 yen, with six to collect total.


In case you need something to carry your change in, these minicases featuring chibi versions of Armin, Eren, Mikasa, and Levi and will cost 399 yen.


If you purchase at least two of these items you will receive one of five clearfiles as a present. Featuring Mikasa, Eren and Levi on three of them, and the Survey Corps on the other it should provide fans with enough choices to cover all their precious documents.


A receipt campaign is also making an appearance in the second half of the campaign, with fans having a chance to win a poster signed by the voice actors. Once the event is active, fans will have a chance to enter using the numbers that print on receipts from in store Attack on Titan purchases. Unfortunately only one lucky fan will win this prize.


The campaign will only run until September 16, so be sure to check out Lawson before that.

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Source: Lawson


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