After last weeks announcement at Otakon, Space Dandy has begun hyping up fans with character designs and musical goodness.

When Shinichiro Watanabe talked about Space Dandy at Otakon fans were excited, and now with two big announcements fans have even more to be excited about. The first is an official release of the character designs for the main cast: Dandy, Meow and QT.


Dandy, the titular hero, is an alien hunter trying to find the newest aliens before anyone else so that he can collect on their bounties. He’s somewhere in his twenties, and like Watanabe said, a very easy-going character with no worries. He’s also always surrounding himself with breasts.


Meow is listed as one stupid alien. No matter how much he looks like a cat, he’s actually an alien from Betelgeuse’s star system. Like Dandy, he’s a carefree character. As he’s taught himself how to use a cellphone, that’s most likely what’s in his pouch.


QT is actually a cleaning robot meant to be highly efficient, but is sadly a piece of junk. Unlike Dandy and Meow, he’s a more serious character with a lot of pride.


The second announcement is that the opening and ending themes will both be performed by Yasuyuki Okamura. The opening will be Viva Namida and the ending will be Healthy Merci. Both will be released on the album Viva Namida on October 2 by V4 records.


To give fans a tease of what animation they can expect in Dandy the series staff will be collaborating with him to create a special animated PV for Viva Namida. The rough sketches give an idea of what the musician will look like in anime form.


Space Dandy is set to release January 2014 and reunites BONES with Shinichiro Watanabe once again.

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