Char Aznable seems to be having a lot of stuff customized to his liking from his red Zaku II to his red Z’gok to his red Gelgoog and finally, his Red Toyota Auris. Now, the Red Comet is getting another machine customized to his liking – and this time, Canon will be providing it.

Yes, the great Char Aznable will be having his own personalized printer made by the people over at Canon and as expected, it will come in the red comet’s custom colors which is… um… red. All part of a Canon’s PIXUS X Gundam project.

The PIXUS MG7130 Char’s Customized Kit Printer is so limited that only 500 units of it will be made. These custom printers come with Zaku II decals and will be released next month, September 27. The campaign is set to end on October 31.

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But that’s not all, Gundam is also promoting Canon’s latest line of  printers, the PIXUS MG7130 (which you should never confuse with the usual MG‘s that are synonymous with Gundam). These printers come in 4 different colors namely black, white, red and brown.


Canon also released a promo video to promote the collaboration and it features The Char Custom printer. To watch the video, click here.


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