If Wall Maria couldn’t even hold the Colossal Titan, then how could an Animate store in Ikebukuro do it? Well, if there’s anything the staff at Animate Ikebukuro are good at, it’s to turn the dreams or fantasies of anime fans into a reality – and so it was that the creature which almost drove humanity into extinction has magically made an appearance in Animate Ikebukuro on August 23.


The not-so-jolly red giant posed for some pictures with the store’s Attack on Titan displays as well as some cardboard representations of Eren, Mikasa, Levi and even Linked Horizon‘s Revo who sang both opening songs for the anime.

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This was all to promote the store’s special “Wall Maria store” which not only features Attack on Titan goodies like the Linked Horizon single and the anime’s volume 1 DVD/Blu-Ray but also some Attack on Titan exhibits like some photographs from the series.

The Wall Maria store would be available in Animate’s Ikebukuro branch only until September 1. Several limited edition Attack on Titan merchandise were also on sale as well as the original manga series by Hajime Isayama.


The big guy most certainly seemed to have had a lot of fun as he finally lined up to buy the merchandise he had his eyes on, and from the looks of things, he most certainly had a good haul. Good job big guy!

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