40 cosplay representatives from 20 different countries are at streets of Nagoya’s business district in this hot, hot summer in the World Cosplay Summit. 200 meters of road were closed off for this grand cosplay event which include a red carpet parade, performances by the participants, and a competition to crown the world’s “Cosplay Champion”.

The cosplayers, with passion hotter than the Sun, give the onlookers an intense show as they completely become one with their idols from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, “Sweet Precure”,  “Final Fantasy”, and more. Even Nagoya mayor, Takashi Kawamura, shows up in complete costume as historical figure Muneharu Tokugawa as he parades “Muneharu Tokugawa’s Journey”.

In addition to the 40 contestants are cosplay representatives from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines who joined the parade in friendly participation.

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There are two cosplay representatives from each country, and each two will work as a pair for the competition. The contest is judged on the degree of perfection in the cosplay and the performance they will exhibit. The participating countries are: Germany, Spain, Italy, France, China, Finland, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea, Denmark, Mexico, USA, Australia, England, Indonesia, and of course, Japan. Previous winners are Brazil (’06, ’08, ’11), France (’07), Italy (’05, ’10), and the defending champions, Japan (’09, ’12).

The “Cosplay Champion” will be decided on August 3 and will have their own special parade on August 4.

It’s been almost 11 years since the first World Cosplay Summit, and the art of cosplay has only gotten so much better. The level of transformation is getting higher and higher every year, with the cosplayers being able to bring out more of their and their beloved character’s beauty.


It’s not going to be easy to judge this!

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source: Mantan-Web (check the full gallery here)




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