One is known for being sadistic and heartless while the other is actor Mark Wahlberg’s best friend.


This “Kumachara” (bear characters) team-up between the hit Japanese anime and the hit Hollywood movie was made to promote the DVD/ Blu-rays for “Ted” and “Danganronpa: The Animation”. Both bears have proven to be very popular as Danganronpa (where the cruel and sadistic Monobear or Monokuma can be found forcing students to kill each other) and Ted (where Mark Wahlberg and his BFF Ted struggle through everyday life) have garnered much success in Japan.

The advertisement posters featuring the two teddy bears can be found around JR Ikebukuro station where 11 of them have already been posted.



The poster features Monokuma with some salmon next to Ted who is seen chugging away at some beer… oh, Naegi, Maizono, Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg are also in the background.


The DVD Blu-Ray for Ted has already been released last July but the Volume 1 Danganronpa DVD/Blu-Rays will be hitting the shelves on August 28, Wednesday. Ted has received generally positive reviews and raked in 4.2 billion yen in Japan and a total of $549,368,315 worldwide and was the 12th highest grossing film of 2012.

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