Mantan-web has recently interviewed Tomohiko Ito, the director of summer anime Silver Spoon. If you have been following this farm comedy (which is definitely worth checking out, seeing as how it is one of the top anime to watch), Ito’s answers to the anime questionnaire include a few words to you.

1. Give us an overview of Silver Spoon. What is its charm?

This is the story of a dairy farm youth school that is staged in Hokkaido’s Oezo Agricultural High School, nicknamed Ezono. Ezono becomes a space where students who have spent time at a normal school take care of animals in the classroom, make food, and participate in events of which they have no personal experience. Because the main character, Yugo Hachiken, is a kid from the city, he sort of represents the viewpoint of viewers, so to speak. That kind of experience unfolding before you through Hachiken’s eyes is the charm of the world “Wonderland Ezono”.


2. When you were making the anime, what things did you keep in mind?

Because this is a story that makes you think ‘Where do the foods we eat come from?’, the contents are prone to be a little shocking, but this is something we had to face head on. And the other important point we had to ensure, was to draw food that looks delicious!


3. What things were fun and what things were tough when animating Silver Spoon?

I enjoyed collecting data to make the school seem like an actual place. We looked at a real model of the place nearby, and our thought-process was slightly changed. The rice was also delicious (smile). Since eating delicious foods at the model place was part of our research, I ate a lot!

The tough part, well, there are a lot of animals to draw in Silver Spoon. Of course, that alone would have been simple but there are also a lot of characters, and there are a lot of scenes where they ate… in terms of the amount of drawing work we had to do there was quite a bit of volume to it, so that was a little tough.

4. Please tell us some future highlights.

Summer break is over and Hachiken must make a decision over Tondon (the name of the pig), and this will be the highlight for the first season. Please see with your own eyes how Hachiken comes to terms with that reality.


5. Please say something to the fans.

Since a second season will be broadcast from January, please continue to watch! With also support the manga series! Finally, please do not make a pilgrimage to the model place (for reasons explained in the ED for Silver Spoon)!

What can we learn from this interview with Tomohiko Ito? Watch Silver Spoon, if only for the sake of Tondon the pig.

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