Every year, the Persona Music Fes has rocked fans of the Persona series since 2008 and this year’s edition was just as grand. The world-famous Budoukan hosted this year’s event in front of a sold-out crowd numbering more than 10,000.


The lucky people who were able to obtain premium tickets to the event were handed limited edition goodies by Persona 3‘s Theodore and Elizabeth. The duo from the Velvet Room handed out black tote bags containing a special staff T-shirt, a premium guest ID card, A Persona Music Fes 2013 play button and a Persona Music Fes card signed by the performers – Yumi Kawamura, Lotus Juice, Shihoko Hirata and Shoji Meguro.

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You can enjoy some of the music from the concert with the button because it is actually a Play Button; listen to songs like Mass Destruction and Your Affection if you attach a headphone to it.

Speaking of music from the event, the set list includes Ture Story, Mass Destruction, Brand New Days, P3 Fes, Fog, SNOWFLAKES, the P4U Medley, Reach Out To The Truth, Shadow World and many more. The event can be watched via nico nico live for 2,000 yen.

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Besides the goodies handed out by Theodore and Elizabeth to a lucky few, some Persona merchandise were also up for sale. An exhibit containing the autographs of the voice cast as well as some upcoming figures were also seen at the Nippon Budoukan during the event.

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