Yukijirushi Milk Coffee is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year by embracing as much moe as possible, and are recruiting idols to help choose which mascot will become official.

With the quest to find the true Yukicotan down to six possibilities, Yukirushi Milk Coffee is upping the ante by having several popular idols portray the Yukicotan candidates through cosplay. Among those to be paired with an illustration are Erina Kamiya (Steam Girls… this is her in a Senran Kagura-related NFSW video), who will be leading the campaign encouraging couples to enjoy the milk coffee together.

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erina kamiya

Erina will be teaming up with the first design, part of a pixiv contest started in April, to promote her as the real Yukicotan. Because the design she chose holds a serving tray with a glass and two straws, it makes sense that the promotional event for her design is “Couple’s drink with a straw!” and “Meet and shake hands!”.

Yes, it will essentially be a dating event held through a love of milk and idols. Event attendees lucky enough to participate in the aforementioned tickets will also get to take away a numbered ticket with the idol’s kiss mark on it.


The event will be held at promenades from Shinshuku to Marunouchisen on August 4. As the organisers are expecting quite the turn-out – it’s not everyday that you get to share a packet of coffee milk with a famous idol, after all – they have specifically barred fans from lining up early at the event – lining will commence only at a specific start time, to be unveiled later.

With five other possibilities, and voting still going on, who knows what other exciting activities will be held for the other Yukicotan X Idol collaborations.


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