If you happen to be visiting Japan sometime in September or October, you might want to head on down to a Lawson, Family Mart or Circle K Sunkus convenience store near you – or  any participating hobby figure shop – to try your luck with the Evangelion 3.0 (The New Movie: Q) Ichiban Kuji lottery, which will begin to be offered in those stores sometime in mid-September.

Definitely do so, if you’re a figure fan; the odds to winning an Evangelion figure or mini-figurine (for the I and H consolation prizes) are pretty good this time around.

In fact, the only time you’d walk away with a non-figure prize is if you somehow draw an F-award lot, which nets you a pathetic character-themed notebook (one of three designs; I’m guessing “F” is for “fail” here), or the slightly better G-award lot, in which case you win a pretty stylish metallic mug.

And remember: this is Ichiban Kuji lottery. Meaning, it’s not a real lottery – you’ll always walk away with something when you pony up 700 yen for a go. If your luck is exceedingly well that day, you might just walk away with a stunning Kaworu Nagisa or Mari Illustrious Makinami figure.

Here’s the full prize breakdown:

A Award Prize: Shinji Ikari figure

evangelion ichiban kuji 01

B Award Prize: Kaworu Nagisa figure

evangelion ichiban kuji 02

C Award Prize: Ayanami Rei (tentative name) figure

evangelion ichiban kuji 03

D Award Prize: Mari Illustrious Makinami figure

evangelion ichiban kuji 04

E Award Prize: Asuka Shikinami Langley figure

evangelion ichiban kuji 05

F Award Prize: Character-themed notebooks (3 designs available)

evangelion ichiban kuji 06

G Award Prize: Metallic Mug (2 designs available)

evangelion ichiban kuji 07

H Award Prize: Impact Collection (5 designs available)


I Award Prize: Situation Vignette (5 designs available)

Last One prize: Kaworu Nagisa figure Last One ver.

evangelion ichiban kuji last one

Double Chance Campaign Bonus: Asuka Shikinami Langley special color ver.

This is a bonus prize that will be awarded only to 100 winners; hold on to your ticket subs for this Ichiban Kuji lottery, as the winners will be announced likely only after the lottery has concluded.

evangelion ichiban kuji w

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