Plus a look at some other Hatsune Miku goods that Family Mart has announced since the “Mikkuriman“.

First things first: Family Mart is about to launch a series of three unisex cosmetic items, targeted at beating the intense heat wave that their customers in Japan are experiencing right now: hand and nail (moisturising cream), refresh sheet, and lip gloss.

初音ミク最終スケッチ0729Hatsune Miku Hand Cream

The Hatsune Miku hand and nail cream is tinted with a mild citrus fruity scent, keeps your skin moisturised, and comes in a handy mini-size tube container, for easy portabaility.

To be sold for 598 yen (including tax).


初音ミク最終スケッチ0729Hatsune Miku Refresh Sheet

In the sweltering weather you’re bound to sweat a lot. And all of that will get your body sticky if you’re out and about for a long day.

So Family Mart will also be launching a Hatsune Miku refresh sheet that will allow you to remove that sticky feeling instantly, and feel refreshed even in the unbearable heat. Priced at 378 yen.


hatsune miku refresh sheetHatsune Miku Beauty Lip Gloss

Finally, there’s also a Hatsune Miku Lip Gloss you can buy to alleviate dry or cracked lips while under the extreme weather.

Other than treating dry lips, the Hatsune Miku Beauty Lip Gloss will also restore a little colour in your lips, to give it a more lively shade of healthy pink. Priced at 598 yen.


All three items will be available in Family Mart convenience stores in Japan from late August, 2013.

So if you happen to be in Japan, don’t forget to stop by a nearby Family Mart to grab these essential health supplies.

Other cool Hatsune Miku things you could get your hands on at a Family Mart in Japan soon (late August):

Hatsune Miku Metal Charms

Six designs, themed after a marching band. Designed by illustrator 白菜mute and manufactured by Good Smilke Company. 300 yen each.

hatsune miku metal charm

Hatsune Miku sticker sets

350 yen each. Designed by illustrator Putidevil (who designed Sakura Miku 2012).

hatsune miku stickers

Hatsune Miku Para Para Douga Memo Pads

Themed after the songs Ievan Polkka, Melancholic, and Piano*Girl respectively. 390 yen each.

hatsune miku notepad 01

These are “flipbook animation” memo pads, so if you flip the pages really fast…

hatsune miku notepad 02 hatsune miku notepad 03 hatsune miku notepad 04 hatsune miku notepad 05 hatsune miku notepad 06 hatsune miku notepad 07 hatsune miku notepad 08


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