Yesterday, August 18 marked the birthday of the Orussian member of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Sanya V. Litvak. The Orussian witch armed with a gigantic Fliegerhammer rocket launcher was born in August 18, 1930.


To celebrate her birthday, several of her fans treated their favorite Waifu to some cakes, specially designed in her honor. They dined with some of her figures, body pillows and even an Itasha (cars with an anime design) present.

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Sanya’s familiar is a black cat. Throughout the anime, she has shown a lot of fascination with cats, so here’s her special birthday cake featuring her familiar.

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Coincidentally, Sanya shares her birthday with the main character, Yoshika Miyafuji. According to the Strike Witches Official Fanbook, the promising rookie from Fuso was born on August 18, 1929.

Incidentally, a friend of mine also celebrated their birthday with his Yoshika and Sanya figmas… Hi Justin!

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From us here at SGCafe, we would also like to wish Sanya and Yoshika a happy happy birthday!

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