The Japanese restaurant scene has always been known for theme restaurants. Some restaurants have a hospital theme with waitresses dressed like nurses and serve food that looks like something you would expect to eat while being hospitalized while others take inspiration from various cultures all over the world.

There is even one with a Christian theme with the restaurant’s interior looking like the inside of a Catholic Cathedral.


Now, one of these restaurants are doing a collaboration with one of the most talked about anime this summer, ‘Sunday without God’.

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That restaurant is Christon Cafe in Shinjuku which has a religious theme based on Christianity. The cafe has announced that they will be having this collaboration for the entire month as this limited time menu will last from August 1-31.



The first item on the menu is the 47th Semetary. It is an orange-flavored Tiramisu plated to look like a scene from the anime’s first episode. This dessert costs 780 yen per serving.


Next we have Blue and Scarlet eye Macedonia. No, I’m not talking about the country where Alexander the Great was born, I’m talking about a dessert salad made of tiny slices of fruit. This dessert also costs 780 yen per serving.


Next we go to the drinks. Let’s start off with the Ai, named after our cute little grave keeper. This drink costs 580 yen per serving and is non-alchoholic.


We then go to the drink inspired by the mysterious man who will not die, Humpny. This drink costs 850 yen per serving.

hampny 212291

Finally, here’s a drink inspired by the older, more experienced grave keeper, Sker (or Scar). This drink costs 750 yen and is served with a lemon garnish.

sker 214259

Those who avail of this special collaboration menu will get a Christon Cafe X Sunday Without God collaboration poster and to those who are able to order the entire menu will get a special Sunday Without God poster.

kami_coaster kaminai_B2_Poster

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