Fields Corporation, who holds the intellectual property rights to TV anime Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince, is thinking about doing a second season of the hit mecha show, according to the its investor relations report.

Production has not started on this second season yet – at this point Fields Corporation is simply looking into whether it’s feasible to do so.

Apart from a 2nd season of the anime series, Fields Corporation also intends to look into monetising the IP rights through DVD sales, “native” apps (not sure what this is referring to… probably something to do with smartphones), character goods, and – in the future – perhaps pachinko or pachinko slot machines.

The report also mentioned that Fields Corporation will also be looking into expanding the Ultraman IP’s appeal in foreign markets.

majestic prince ip

Looks like Majestic Prince is here to stay! Its product roadmap has more or less been fully mapped out! As long as fans would pay for these things, I don’t think there’d be any problems getting a second season of Majestic Prince green-lit!

Here’s hoping that the 2.2m tall Red 5 figure from Majestic Prince that failed to sell at Comiket 84, doesn’t throw a wrench into Fields Corporation’s plans!


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Source: Fields Corporation’s IR report via Otakomu


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