Sieg Zeon! Now, you can show your support to the Zeonic cause in Mobile Suit Gundam with these new mobile tote bags from Cospa… just be wary of a certain white Federation Mobile Suit.


These bags are inspired by the group of Space Colonies that fight the Earth Federation for independence, the Principality of Zeon. The shoulder bags and and the tote bags proudly fly the Zeon colors and both designs come in either black or olive.

The Zeon shoulder bag is made of cotton and measures 30.5 × 40 × 11 cm. It costs 10,500 yen and you can use it at school, for work or just as an accessory to show your disdain of the oppressive Federation dogs! The inside has a burgundy color and will remind you of a certain masked ace fighting for the Zeonic cause.

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The Zeon tote bags meanwhile measure 39.5 × 48.5cm and are also made of cotton. The insides are also burgundy in color and costs 9,450 yen. They also come with a removable shoulder strap so you can carry the bag easier if you want to.

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Both bags are due for release in November so keep up the good fight against those feddies! Sieg Zeon!

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