Gaming couples no longer have to worry about going out and finding that special ring to use at a wedding, as custom ring maker TAKAYAS has the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking to propose or celebrate the big day, this Zelda inspired set of engagement and wedding rings has gamer couples covered.


First, the ring that you will pop the question with: the engagement rings. Made out of white and yellow gold, it features the Master Sword under the band and holding up a diamond. The diamond is flanked on both sides by the triforce in a Hylian crest.


For the big day you’ll need a bigger ring, and one loaded up with even more Zelda splendor. One version features the Hylian shield with the master sword sheathed behind it. The Hylian crest and Triforce are the main focus of the ring. The more subtle version is an embedded  Hylian crest in gold.


TAKAYAS is a company that specializes in customized jewelry and is willing to accommodate orders of all kinds. As for prices of the Zelda rings, they’ve been emailing those that express an interest on the blog post here.

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