Here’s something interesting for those of you warming up your magical girl powers in preparation for the latest Madoka Magica movie (which you can find out more about in our previous story here).

The final instalment in the trilogy, Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story, is set to come to Japanese theaters October 26. Right on time with this release then is an Ichiban Kuji lottery featuring items themed after the first two movies, Madoka Magica: The Beginning Story and Madoka Magica: The Everlasting Story. 

Tickets are 600 yen each, and you’re a winner every time. The only thing you’re really trying to pull for is the category of prizes from which you choose your winning. For example, I’d be shooting for prizes A through E, which feature adorable chibi figurines of Madoka, Homura, Sayaka, Mami, and Kyoko.

madoka2 madoka3 madoka4 madoka5 madoka6


However, the other prizes are pretty sweet too. F prizes includes original posters showing the girls in a more tranquil state.

madoka7 madoka8

Personally, I love when my anime merchandise has some use (because there’s no more room in my house for action figures), so these art glasses are perfect. If you’re in a similar predicament, then prize G is where it’s at.



madoka11 madoka12madoka13


As far as the H category goes, there are tons of clear file folders from which to pick a favorite. I think the cat ones are the best (if not a bit creepy).

madoka14 madoka15 madoka16 madoka17 madoka18 madoka19 madoka20 madoka21 madoka22

As a person whose phone doesn’t have a spot for cell phone charms, seeing the following cute goodies only makes me whimper inside.

madoka23 madoka24 madoka25 madoka26 madoka27 madoka28 madoka29 madoka30



Tickets not drawn will receive a “Last One” prize, which will be a duplication of an original illustration of the five magical girls.


And just because Ichiban Kuji is awesome, you have a chance to win twice. If you keep your ticket stubs, you can apply for the “Double Chance Campaign” where you have the opportunity to be one of one-hundred people who will get a special color version of B prize Homura chibi figure.

There’s nothing to lose, so if you’re in Japan head out to a Lawson or HMV starting from the 19th of this month to get your ticket!

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