Good Smile Cafe‘s latest collaboration menu may wet your palettes in a super way as they team up with Danganronpa to form this super menu.


For starters, let’s take a look at this Monobear (or Monokuma) curry. The white half of course is rice while the black half is black seafood curry and the dish is plated to look like the face of our favorite sadistic and murderous bear. It costs 980 yen and comes with a button place mat.


Now, let’s move to dessert shall we? This Naegi melon sorbet costs 780 yen.


The following will be some food items that will be only be until September 8 so better hurry.

The Hagakure Onigiri (Rice Ball) plate is an Onigiri served with seaweed (nori). It is also served with a bowl of Miso soup with seaweed and some Japanese pickles on the side. This dish costs 880 yen and also comes with a button place mat.


This Maizono cupcake is inspired by the super idol and is designed like her idol costume… along with her dying message exposing her murderer! This dessert costs 680 yen.


This Kirigiri blueberry tart slice comes served with some blueberry yogurt and some fresh berries and is garnished with some whipped cream. It costs 780 yen per slice.


Our final dessert, the Junko Gungnir parfait,  is inspired by the super model Junko Enoshima who has sadly ummm… met a fate which resembles the dish. This food item costs  780 yen and is totally NOT Junko (even though it looks like her with those candy twin tails and all).


Well then, let’s go to the drinks inspired by the characters shall we? All drinks cost 480 yen a glass and will be available from September 10-29.

The first drink is The Monobear. It’s actually black sesame milk and comes with a Monobear coaster.


The Makoto Naegi is a mixture of green apple tea and 7-up. It comes with a Naegi coaster.


The Yasuhiro Hagakure is a mixture of blue curacao and cola and comes with a Hagakure coaster.


The Kyouko Kirigiri is a mixture of 7-up and some violet syrup and comes with a Kirigiri coaster.


The Kiyotaka Ishimaru is a yoghurt drink with some strawberry jelly at the bottom and it comes served with an Ishimaru coaster.


The Junko Enoshima is ginger ale mixed with some cherry syrup and is served with a Junko coaster.


The Leon Kuwata is Orangeade mixed with grape tonic and comes with a Leon coaster.


The Sayaka Maizono is strawberry milk on the rocks and comes with a Sayaka coaster.


The Celestia Ludenberg is sweet milk tea served with a sugar flower. It comes with a Celes coaster.


Finally, every time you order a food item, you will get a choice of your favorite button pin to take with you. You can choose from a variety of characters which include Monokuma, Kirigiri, naegi, Junko, Sakura and many many more.


This menu will only be available at the Good Smile Cafe from August 20 until September 29. The Good Smile Cafe is located in JK Building 1st floor 14-13 Matsudo, Matsudo City, Honcho, Chiba.

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