With the newest Gundam anime set to air this October, the staff of the upcoming Gundam Build Fighters anime revealed several rough sketches featuring some mobile suits. These sketches are actually the anime’s concept art and features several of the Gunplas that you can expect to see in the anime.

This first rough sketch was made by Abe Munetaka, one of the mechanical animation directors for the anime. It features the Gundam tank which is a combination of the RX-78-2 Gundam and the Guntank.


This second concept art sketch was done by one of the animation staff members, Mr. Arazawa.

This sketch features the Gundam Heavy Arms which comes from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Gundam Build Fighters does not only incorporate mobile suits from the original timeline which is the Universal Century (UC) but also from the other timelines like Gundam X (After War/ AW), SEED (Cosmic Era/ CE) and 00 (Anno Domini/ AD).


This third concept art features the Gundam GP-01 from Stardust Memory. This sketch was done by two of animation staff members, namely Mr. Kin and Mr. Arisawa who drew the Heavy Arms sketch.


These images were released via the Gundam Build Fighters official twitter page. The anime is part of Sunrise and Bandai’s Mobile Suit Gundam 35th anniversary celebrations which include the finale of Gundam UC (Gundam Unicorn), the anime adaptation of Gundam the Origin and the return of Gundam creator Yoshiyuki “Kill’em All” Tomino to anime directing with G no Rekongista.

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From Gunpla Build Fighters twitter account


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