Summer may be coming to an end, but fans of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are trying to draw it out as long as possible.

It may not be another anime adaptation, but the Haruhi Summer Festival is helping fans of the series to relive all the joy of the Haruhi series. First airing in 2006, the anime drew in a large amount of fans for its sci-fi slapstick humor and ridiculous attention to detail on the scenery.

Following a second season [2009] and movie [2010] based on the light novels the 2006 series didn’t have a chance to cover, it helped to spur another wave of fans into action. The reason for the detailed backgrounds, one fan discovered, is because it’s based on an actual location: Shukugawagakuin Middle and High School in Nishinomiya.


It isn’t the first time an anime has drawn on a real life town, AnoHana and Free! both have done the same. However, it is one of the first places for the Kansai Cultural Promotion Association to support a fan event at. The event itself, organized by the fans, was held on August 25 in the school and is only the second time it has been held.


Fans from as close as northern Kyoto and as far away as Kanagawa prefecture united and, for the first time, showed off their cosplay and itasha in special photography areas.


Overall, a total of 100 fans were present to celebrate the fourth year of surviving without an Endless Eight trapping them in an endless loop.  The tourism agency itself said “the fans who showed up were really interesting, and were really proactive about cooperating with the administration.” Unfortunately they also made it clear that the fate of next year’s festival is as yet undetermined, as pilgrimages have been a point of debate recently, though they would like for it to continue.


Hopefully, though, an understanding can be reached among the prefectural board of Commerce and Tourism, and fans can continue to make their way to the sites they love.

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