Hatsune Miku designed by Louis Vuitton's Marc Jacobs

When Hatsune Miku teamed up with Louis Vuitton for Keiichiro Shibuya’s Vocaloid Opera: The End production, some Miku fans cheered (well, there was a life-sized figure of Miku made), while others cried blasphemy.

The collaboration was a fairly controversial topic amongst the Vocaloid community.

Now, just as controversial is Japanese vlogger Asahi Sasaki’s take on Hatsune Miku cosplay – done with “real anime eyes”.

Sasaki, who was also recently in the YouTube spotlight for her cosplay portrayal of Sakura Haruno in Ryan Higa’s live-action spoof of Naruto, posted a tutorial video on how to draw anime eyes on your eyelids (while your eyes are closed, of course) to replicate the look Hatsune Miku had in the Vocaloid Opera: The End.

That’s all fine and dandy – to most people, that is.

A few Miku fans have complained via the video’s comments that Sasaki’s Hatsune Miku anime eyes are not true to the source material.

Specifically, they argued that there should be no corners in Miku’s eyes.

Which is, I suppose, in a way true — if they were referring to the official illustration for Hatsune Miku.

hatsune miku official

But unless I’m blind (jury’s still out on that), I believe that the Vocaloid Opera: The End version of Hatsune Miku does indeed have corners in her eyes.

the end

The thing with Hatsune Miku is that she is what you make of her – her looks and personality are open to interpretation.

Apart from a few staple design motifs that’s common with all interpretations of Miku, there are an endless number of different styles (or “shiki” in Japanese) when it comes to Hatsune Miku’s looks. For instance, in the picture you see below, take a look at the Miku on the bottom-left corner. That Miku clearly has corners in her eyes.

These are all Hatsune Mikus

These are all Hatsune Mikus.

There are even variations when it comes to the “official” illustration for Hatsune Miku; just look at the cover box art for the Japanese and English versions of the Hatsune Miku V3 software, placed side-by-side in the image below.

hatsune miku v3 software

So cut Asahi Sasaki some slack, folks! She did her best to replicate the Vocaloid Opera: The End look. I happen to think that it’s incredibly accurate, and that she did a mighty fine job with it.

Do you agree?

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