Hatsune Miku is currently on a mission in Thailand. A train designed with Japan’s most famous virtual idol has been seen travelling through the city of Bangkok, to promote Sapporo tourism.


This special tourism promotion, which started just today, August 16, aims to promote tourism in the city of Sapporo by using the popular vocaloid, Hatsune Miku as their ambassador. This was organized by the Sapporo city government as well as the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau.


The train’s design shows Miku dressed in traditional Japanese winter garb promoting the beauty of Sapporo. Inside the train, several other ads also show the beauty of the city as well as some activities like skiing as well as all those food you can eat in Sapporo!


These Sapporo tourism ads mainly promote two seasons- Autumn/ Fall and Winter which can never be experienced in a tropical country like Thailand (or any country in South East Asia for that matter).


This limited time tourism ad campaign will run only from today, August 16 until September 15. The Hatsune Miku train can be found transporting passengers from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to the Bangkok city center.

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From NHK 


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