For a limited time, the renowned Cure Maid Cafe in Akihabara will be serving their customers with a very special menu inspired by Peach Pit‘s highly popular Rozen Maiden series.


This special collaboration menu will only be available from August 23 until September 8 so if ever you’re visiting Akiba at that time, feel free to drop by the Cure Maid cage which is located on the 6th floor of GEE store. The maid cafe previously served a Fantasista Doll themed menu.

Let’s take a look at the cafe’s drinks, shall we? Each drink costs 450 yen and can be ordered as a drink set.

The 1st Doll, Suigintou: Blueberry Calpis soda and cola mixture with cranberries


The 2nd Doll, Canaria: Kiwi source and grapefruit Calpis soda mixture topped with Vanilla ice cream


The 3rd Doll, Suiseiseki: Cranberry ginger ale mixed with mint syrup ~desu~ and topped with herbs… ~desu~


The 4th Doll, Souseiseki: Yoghurt drink mixed with blue Hawaii syrup and blueberry source and topped with a cranberry


The 5th Doll, Shinku: Rose soda mixed with raspberry sauce and topped with mixed berries


The 6th Doll, Hina Ichigo: Yoghurt drink mixed with strawberry syrup and topped with strawberry ice cream


“Did not wind” Jun Sakurada: Milk Tea mixed with caramel syrup and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce


“Wind” Jun Sakurada: Milk with chocolate syrup and cocoa powder topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Secret Drink: 7th Doll, Kirakishou:  Hanijure with Lemon Squash (Non alcoholic syrup) and topped with whipped cream

This drink can only be ordered if you present a copy of the new Rozen Maiden anime’s volume 1 DVD/ Blu-Ray


Now then, let’s take a look at the food, shall we?

Remember that hamburger Jun’s sister Nori made the dolls? Well, the Cure Maid Cafe most certainly replicated Hina Ichigo’s favorite meal of hamburger topped with a lower-shaped egg. This meal is served with rice and veggies on the side and costs 900 yen, 1,100 yen if you order it as a drinks set.


The Rose bite: Meat pie served with ham shaped into a rose and a small bowl of salad. This costs 800 yen, and if you buy it with drinks, it will cost you 1,000 yen.


Shinku tea set: any cake available matched with any kind of tea. This set costs 750 yen. The cake presented in the photograph is a strawberry and blue berry cake while the tea is Earl Grey.


Hina Ichigo ice cream with strawberry Daifuku. This costs 750 yen if served with drinks and 500 yen if you order it ala carte.


If you purchase the items on this special Rozen Maiden menu, you will get these Rozen Maiden postcards. Only one per customer though.


The Cure Maid cafe is also offering up some Rozen Maiden goodies like the Rozen Maiden tumbler which is sold for 1,050 yen and the Rozen Maiden Shinku polo shirt which costs 12,600 yen. Both items are also available on Gee! store.

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