After mimicking Singapore’s Merlion, fashion-forward J-pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is off to take on new mimicry challenges.

The J-pop performer has been picked to star in a series of new commercials for Japanese part-time employment portal “an” (pronounced “Ahn”), and in the first two parts of the series, Kyary is depicted as a part-time worker at a newspaper firm, as well as a baker, in two different commercials.

In the first commercial, entitled “Part-time job at the newspaper publisher” (新聞屋バイト), we see Kyary hard at work folding flyers and inserting them, one by one, into singular copies of the day’s newspapers. Kyary then takes a stack of the newspapers, and goes out to delivery it to residents  on bicycle.

In the second commercial, entitled “Kyary the baker suddenly goes BKB” (きゃりーのパン屋さん いきなりBKB), a meticulous Kyary is seen carefully partitioning a gigantic piece of sourdough into many smaller pieces, making sure that each single piece is at the correct weight.

The second commercial also co-stars comedian Biker Kawasaki Biker, which is apparently one of two meanings the BKB in the commercial’s title stands for. The other meaning? Baito, Kyary, Baito – “baito” being the word in Japanese for “part-time work”.

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