Comiket 84 begins tomorrow; can you feel the excitement in the air, anime fans? Today we’re going to take a look at the items to be put up on sale for one of Media Factory’s most recognizable series, Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai or more commonly known as Haganai at the event – said to be the world’s largest doujinshi fair and a mecca for all otakus.

A doujin circle will be providing some awesome Haganai merchandise including some works by the anime’s character designer himself, Yoshihiro Watanabe. Found in space A78ab, the Tokyo-gumi taiso-gumi and Frontier Child booth is presenting us with these smoking hot items featuring Kobato, Yozora and Meat… um… I mean Sena


One of the items to be sold is this Cheer Illustration Book Vol. 3. It features your favorite Haganai characters with artwork done by various artists like Chiaki Tarou, Keiji Watarai, King Mitsu, Mina Ootaka, Yuuki Rika, Hinata Mutsuki and many more. The art book has 28 pages of full color. Another item to be put up for sale is the 52-page book titled Haganai 2-ki otsukaresama hon by Frontier Child


Speaking of Yoshihiro Watanabe, the artist also illustrates these sexy Sena and Kobato bath posters.


And let’s not forget good’ol pudding head. The artwork is also done by Watanabe.


But let’s also take a look at some of the series’ items that will go on sale beyond Comiket like these items from Media Factory.

These cute and sexy Haganai body pillows will be released later this month and there are three varieties, Kobato, Sena and Yozora. These 100% polyester pillows measure 150 cm x 50 cm and are priced 9,450 yen each.

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You can also have your Haganai “waifus” close by with these peel-off neck ties. These neck ties come with either Sena, Kobato or Yozora and will be sold for 4,725 yen each.

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Finally, these silver Haganai rings are crafted with fine quality and cuteness. You can choose either Sena, Yozora or Kobato and each one costs 8,925 yen. These rings will be released in September.


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From Tokyocpe and Media Factory


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