The Shogakukan building in Chiyoda, Tokyo has witnessed countless classic mangas begin and end inside its hallowed halls for years. Now, the old building is scheduled to be demolished to make way for the construction of a new building.


To bid farewell to the old building (and reminisce some old memories in the process), several manga writers (or mangakas) who wrote for the publishing giant have drawn some illustrations featuring some of the characters from some of Shogakukan’s publications like Doraemon, Urusei Yatsura and Pokemon Adventures.

The artists involved with drawing these fine images include Fujiko Fujio A (Doraemon), Naoki Urasawa (20th Century Boys/ Master Keaton), Kazuhiko Shimamoto (Honō no Tenkōsei) and a few other colleagues.

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The illustrations were displayed on the 1st floor main lobby of the Shogakukan building and attracted quite a number of people. Passers-by and visitors even stopped by to take a commemorative photo from the illustrations as well as the old building itself.


Shogakukan was founded in 1922 and is responsible for publishing much loved manga magazines like Weekly Shonen Sunday. It’s historic nine-storey headquarters is scheduled to be demolished on September 2 to make way for a new building to be finished in 2016. The company will temporarily make its home on the nearby Hitotsubashi Center.

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