With the highly anticipated Monster Hunter 4 set for release on the Nintendo 3DS on September 14, an event called the “Summer Hunting Test” was held to present some of the game’s new features as well as some collaborations and merchandise.

The event, which took place on August 10, not only showcased some Monster Hunter 4 exhibits and merchandise but also looked at some of the new monsters like the dreaded Goa Magara as well as some of the really bad-ass new weapons like the Charge Axe. These were presented by none other than Kaname Fujioka, the game’s director and Ryozo Tsujimoto, the game’s producer. The pair previously presented the Charge Axe in a Capcom event in Odaiba.

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The duo also presented several collaborations and new merchandise which including this collaboration with Asahi soft drinks.

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A special Monster Hunter 4 Almond-Chocolate Ice Cream bar will also be released by Glico, makers of Pocky.

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New Monster Hunter 4 eye glasses were also presented. These glasses are inspired by the monsters you can hunt during the game as well as theose cute cat-like humanoids, the Lynians. These custom Monster hunter 4 eye wear are made by Alook.

Goa Magara

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Mad Dragon Tigrex

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Azure Rathalos

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The first 5,000 to purchase these glasses get a limited edition Felyne-print bag.


Finally, other Monster Hunter merchandise include these Mojibakeru transformable characters which you can transform from Monsters to their Kanji format. Also presented are some Monster Hunter jackets, pillows, mats and other merchandise.

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Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS comes out in Japan on September 14, 2013. On the same day, Capcom will also be releasing an Asian version of Monster Hunter 4 (Japanese text/voices in game, supports online play on the same servers in Japan, but comes with a Chinese instruction manual, priced at HK$368) for the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets.

Want more merchandise? You can read more about them here on SGCafe. You can also join in on the community’s discussions at http://forums.sgcafe.com

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