Brace yourselves, another Gundam statue is coming. Yes, a new one is indeed being planned and it is going to measure 20 meters tall.

Since this new Gundam will be measured 20 meters, it will be taller than the 18-meter 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam in Odaiba. This new Gundam statue is planned to stand in a vacant area adjacent to the Haneda Airport in Tokyo as part of a new attraction called project “Cool-J”. The Haneda Airport grounds is also very near the 1:1 Gundam as it is just a 15-minute drive to Diver City Odaiba where the life-size Gundam is located.


No further announcements have been made about this new statue. The news report done by ANN news (Asahi) only stated that there will be a new Gundam statue and they did not reveal the statue’s identity. The news report also did not state any date as to which this new statue will be unveiled so expect more news on this in the future.


Will this be yet another RX-78-2 like the ones in Odaiba and in Hong Kong? Or will this be a completely different Gundam from a different timeline? The news said that this new statue will be 20 meters tall, so could it be a 1:1 scale Zeta Gundam or a Gundam MK-II, both of which stand at more than 19 meters tall? Or could this be the monstrous Nu Gundam which stands at a whopping 23 meters? Only time will tell.

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From Asahi News


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