Nitroplus (or Nitro+) has always been one of the biggest visual novel companies in Japan and is known for their usually dark and troubling themes, not to mention THE Gen Urobochi  also works there, you know, the guy who wrote Madoka Magica, Fate/ Zero and Psycho-Pass?

Well, Nitroplus is currently setting up shop in the 6th floor of the Gamers main store in Akihabara. This shop will only be available for a limited amount of time which is from August 3 until September 8.

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Nitroplus shop is currently selling some awesome goodies from some of their most popular works like The Chiral Night live music event, Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa, and of course, Psycho-Pass. The shop also offers up some of Gen Urobochi’s works like Madoka Magica. They sold a variety of Nitroplus merchandise from mugs to gashapons to books to figures to towels and a whole lot of other Nitroplus goodies.

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They even have this special Psycho-Pass Psychopaths Original Collection volume 1 which is sold for 3,660 yen and will be available on August 12.


And of course, since this is Nitroplus we are talking about, it just wouldn’t be complete without HER. They are even offering some Sonico bottled drinks.

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And speaking of Sonico, Nitroplus shop is also offering up some items from the recently concluded WonFes 2013 like this Super Sonico LED light panel and this Namaniku ATK buttocks mouse pad drawn by Ichijo Wataru.

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The Gamers head office is located in Akihabara’s Soto-Kanda Takarada building which is just a minutes walk from Akihabara station. As mentioned earlier, this is just a limited-time shop so you better hurry.

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