Gashapon. Those small and cute toys encased in an egg-like packaging that at first may seem completely random and insignificant to a lot of people. However, to some, they are cheap and affordable toys and merchandise that have managed to capture the imagination of children and collectors for decades now.

And they are still going strong.

Gashapon are the unsung heroes of hobby toys.


This past Saturday, August 17, marked the opening of the annual Gashapon Festa. The event showcased gashapons from all sorts of anime, manga and video game franchises like One Piece, Monster Hunter and Gundam.

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The J-Stars collection celebrating 45 years of Weekly Shounen Jump! 

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Of course, Gashapon ain’t just all about the toys and figures…

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The event also featured a bit of history as some of the old gashapons from series like Captain Harlock, Saint Seiya, Ultraman, Mazinger Z and Kamen Rider were all featured in various exhibits. They even featured some of the really really old unpainted ones from waaaay back when.

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The Gashapon Festa 2013 is still ongoing and it will only last until August 25 at Ikebukuro Sunshine City, World Import Mart Building, Exhibition Hall A. The exhibition is open from 10:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m. and entrance to the event is absolutely free.

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