It’s already 6PM on Friday, August 9 here in Singapore (it’s our National Day!)

But over in Baltimore, Maryland, USA (where Otakon, one of the biggest anime conventions in the US, will be happening from August 9 to 11) it is only 6AM on a Friday morning, and the day has just barely begun.

The halls of the Baltimore Convention Center are still relatively quiet and (probably) unoccupied.

But in a couple of hours’ time, thousands of American anime fans will throng through those same halls, eager to be amongst the first in America (and in some cases, the world) to see everything that Otakon has to offer.

Like OreImo 2’s episodes 14-16.

 oreimo 2 ova 14-16

Later today, OreImo author Tsukasa Fushimi, along with director Hiroyuki Kanbe and editor Kazuma Miki will be present at a special OreImo2 World Premiere event where Otakon attendees get to watch a screening of OreImo 2’s episodes 14-16, which includes the ending to the anime series’ second season.

The three episodes will be streamed online at Crunchyroll later this month (US only) starting from August 17.

Until then, here’s a preview PV for the final three episodes, subbed in English.

Source: Crunchyroll

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