In this 4th PV for Oreimo Happy enD for the PS3, Kuroneko and Ayase talks about what being an idol is like, as well as their concerns with having Kyousuke Kousaka as their idol manager.

This game is looking more and more like an Oreimo-themed version of The [email protected] (which is also developed by Namco Bandai Games). In the PV, Kuroneko introduces the word “idol” by writing it as the kanji 偶像, which in Japanese is used to refer to idol statues, not so much idol pop stars. Since idol pop stars are a foreign concept, this is usually written in Japanese in kana – アイドル. Kuroneko just has an odd habit of spelling things out in kanji to give a sense of mystique to everything.

Although in an odd bit of coincidence, the Chinese name for The [email protected] is actually 偶像大師. So according to the people who invented Kanji, Kuroneko didn’t make any mistakes there!

Oreimo Happy enD comes out on the PS3 on September 26, 2013.

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