Following the Ichiban Kuji Premium Fate/Zero Part 1 lottery that was released this past February, Part 2 is here for the first ten days of August. So if you happen to be in Japan, make sure to go on down to Family Mart or your favourite hobby shop to take part!

For the uninitiated, Ichikan Kuji is not a real lottery – you’re guaranteed to win something upon ponying up 800 yen, on the spot. The way it works is that you hand your money to the Ichiban Kuji reseller, and draw a lot that will determine the rank of your prize. From there, you are allowed to pick any item available at the reseller that corresponds to the rank indicated on the lot you drew.

So for instance, if you drew an S or an A lot, then you get to take home the “Saber Premium Figure”, which is approximately 20 centimeters in height. The only differences between the two are that the S rank figure features a golden sword and Saber with her hair down, while the A prize features Saber with her hair tied up wielding a silver sword.

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The B prize is a figure of Emiya Kiritsugu and is about 21 and a half centimeters. Just look at Kiritsugu rocking that trench. I want it already.


But let’s not forget about the C prize now. The C prize is a Lancer figure, standing at 22 centimeters tall.


After the premium action figures come some original posters, which collectively make up the D prizes. The first one is the prettiest, no?

fate4 fate5 fate6

While we are all hungry to get the top action figure prizes, we can also satisfy ourselves with prize E art plates. Even though I wouldn’t recommend eating on them, they are appropriate to dish out (heh) at a nerd party. Fine China has never been nerdier.

fate7 fate8 fate9


Making up the F prizes are these awesome clear file folders featuring the characters of Fate/Zero. Of course, Emiya is posing like a boss. But the rest of the gang is doing their best to give you your money’s worth, too.

fate10fate11 fate12 fate13 fate14 fate15 fate16 fate17

Nice goodies, right? One go at the Ichiban Kuji lottery costs just 800 yen, and you’ll never walk away with nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Better head over to Family Mart, hobby shops, and other resellers before it’s too late!

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