Remember those photographs of a Patlabor being transported to a location somewhere in Japan? Well, that huge robot really is for the upcoming 2014 live-action movie titled Next Generation: Patlabor.



These two new official visual images were released earlier today during the Taiwan International Manga Expo. The images were distributed to the event goers as visual post cards.

The movie’s official website has also updated their image and now features the second image above, even though no new announcements about the movie have been announced.

Speaking of the second image above, remember those seaside images of the Patlabor taken by passers-by?

Patlabor 3 patlabor 4

No exact release date has been announced so far, but the movie is scheduled for 2014 and it will be produced by Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.

The live-action version was announced last March during the Tokyo International Anime fair. Mamoru Oshii, who directed the animated movie back in 1989 has announced that he will be involved in the movie but as to what his role is going to be still remains unannounced to this day.

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