We knew Index Corporation, the parent company of Atlus, was in financial trouble. But we had no idea things were so bad that they decided to make Atlus license out the Persona 4 franchise… to a pachinko slot machine maker.

Feast your eyes, ladies and gents, on the next shiny new thing to be considered as part of the Persona 4 franchise…

After Persona 4 the original, Persona 4 the Golden, Persona 4 the Animation, and Persona 4 the Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, comes…


Persona 4 the Slot. Making its stylish slot debut at all good pachinko parlours in Japan October 7, 2013.

Persona 4 the Slot

pachinko 4 the slot 2

The Persona 4 pachinko machine is made by Newgin, and you can find all the nitty-gritty details over at this page on PachiSlot New Machines Guide.

Since I possess zero knowledge when it comes to the realm of pachinko and slot machine games, I have absolutely no clue what the technical description on the machine says – but it sure as hell sounds cool.

As far as I can tell, there’s a P4 Seven Rush, and an All-Out Attack Rush phase in the game that allows pachinko players to earn more medals or balls or whatever it is you use to play pachinko (that’s how little I know about the subject).

There’s also something called a Last Judge Battle that’s like a jackpot where you pretty much win the game, or something.

Can you ever win in pachinko? Is that a thing?

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Source: Pachinko Slot New Machines Guide, Persona 4 the Slot official website


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