The Pokemon Game Show in Japan over the weekend gave poke’fans plenty to look forward to with demoes of the upcoming Pokemon X & Y games for the Nintendo 3DS as well as a first look at upcoming animes Pokemon XY and Pokemon: The Origin.

Another of the event’s highlights was that some of the characters from the games being cosplayed by members of the event’s staff. Heroes like May and Brendan from Ruby/ Sapphire/ Emerald, Ethan and Kris from Gold/Silver/ Crystal, Dawn and Lucas from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Hilbert and Hilda from Black & White, and Calem and Serena from the upcoming X & Y games were all cosplayed during the event.

Poor Red was left Forever Alone since he had no female counter-part. Don’t worry man, you would still be one of the most bad-ass trainers in my book. Fans lined up for commemorative pictures with their favorite trainers as they enjoyed the event’s festivities.

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Pokemon League champions were also represented. Remember this sexy yet bad-ass trainer? That’s right, she’s Cynthia from Diamond & Pearl and fans just could not get enough of her during the event as both men and women lined up to take pictures with her.


Speaking of Pokemon Champions, kids and adults who are kids-at-heart were also able to battle their favorite champions during the event. Attendees got to fight Blue, Lance, Steven, Wallace, Cynthia, Alder and Iris via game boy advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS or even the Pokemon Trading Card Game.


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The Pokemon Game Show was held yesterday at the Tokyo Big Sight which previously hosted another epic event- Comiket 84.

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