Big news is coming from the Tokyo Big Site this weekend, as TV Tokyo showed off a new Pokemon series featuring the game’s original cast.

A new Pokemon anime is coming this October, and it won’t be staring Ash and Pikachu this time. Called Pokemon: The Origin, it will follow a brand new protagonist in the world of Pokemon generation 1 (Red/Blue/Yellow), who picks Charmander as his starter. The anime’s debut PV shows the new protagonist doing battle with his rival, who chose a Squirtle.


His battle against the Pewter City’s gym leader  Brock or Takeshi was also shown off in the PV, with one of the many Geodude giving Charmander a solid hit.


For fans of the original Red and Green (or Blue for those outside of Japan), it’s a must watch show. Premiering October 2, shortly before X and Y’s release, it will air on TV Tokyo starting at 7PM JST. It doesn’t mean Ash will be hanging up his hat just yet as protagonist, however, as the standard Pokemon XY anime will be starting October 12.


Hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll see even more on the latest project from the Pokemon team, which promises to be faithful to the games fans remember and love.

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Source: Dengeki News


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