The music in hit TV anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica is getting the full orchestral treatment; a series of Madoka Magica concerts are scheduled to play in Japan this October.

The concert series that will start October 16 is being performed to promote October 26’s Madoka Magica  The Rebellion film and will feature some of the pieces from the film. It will be directed by Kenichi Shimura and is being performed by the Tokyo Chamber Orchestra. For fans looking to catch the first performances it’s being shown off at the Shibuya Public Hall before it heads to a yet unannounced venue in Osaka.


Previously tested in April at the Hachioji City Art and Cultural Hall at the free Dream of Walpurgis Night concert, it met with a fair deal of success. Due to the popularity and success of the concert, there will be a slight discount to what Shimura’s concerts usually go for. The S area tickets will go for 6000 yen, A for 5000 yen and the low class B seating will go for 4000 yen. It will feature songs like magia, Connect, Credens Justitiam (Mami’s Theme), and of course, the film’s opening theme Luminous.


Doors will open at six, and the concert itself will start at seven. For those who will be in Tokyo in October and are interested in going, tickets can be reserved at the official Aim Village website here.


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