GungHo Online Entertainment has announced a massive collaboration between the upcoming Ranarok Odyssey Ace (PS Vita) and fifteen different titles from other GungHo themselves and other companies.

For three consecutive months starting from August 29, collaborative contents from the following 14 games (a 15th title has yet to be revealed) in the list below:

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Gravity Daze – (Sony Computer Entertainment) – Released February 9 last year for the PS Vita, this action game allows players to manipulate gravity to facilitate freedom of movement.



Soul Sacrifice – (Sony Computer Entertainment) – came out March of this year, and features high-tension, high-speed, high magic battles. With four-player online multi-play, you not only have the power of your own body, but can tap into the demon power of your comrades as well. ragnarok2


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – Koei Tecmo Games – will come out September 5, and will feature five new characters on top of an ultimate up-to-seven-players battle mode.ragnarok3


Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack – Namco Bandai – is coming October 10. The work that celebrates the 10th anniversary of this timeless classic, and includes Knight of Ratatosk 2. ragnarok4


Grandia – Game Arts – is an epic RPG that puts your fights on the historical scale as you move through ancient civilizations.



Emil Chronicle Online – GungHo Online Entertainment – puts you in a mysterious world where devils, angels, humans, and machines roam. A simple, fun, and heart-warming RPG.



Ragnarok Online – GungHo Online Entertainment – In commemoration of ten years of excellent game service, Ragnarok Online will be available for free until December!



Keri Princess Sweets – GungHo Online Entertainment – A smartphone game that allows you to gain weapons and armor as you unlock new outfits for the princess.



Puzzle & Dragons – GungHo Online Entertainment – A smartphone game with over 650 monsters. This puzzle adventure RPG game allows you to tag team with friends and assemble the strongest team possible.



Sengoku Tenka Trigger – GungHo Online Entertainment – With over 380 warlords, in a battle spanning 36 countries, your aim is nothing less than to rule the world.


Crazy Tower – Gung Ho Online Entertainment – A tower management smartphone game where you trade with inhabitants to hunt monsters and build your tower.



Dokuro – Gung Ho Online Entertainment – Released last July for PS Vita, Dokuro gives you a world chalk-full of warmth where your inner artist can run wild.



Picotto Knights – GungHo Online Entertainment – A free download from PlayStation network, available on PS Vita only. A player-friendly RPG that allows up to four people to complete missions to defeat the enemy.



Ragnarok: Princess of Light and Darkness – GungHo Online Entertainment – Filled with overwhelming visuals and scenarios, this PC version of Ragnarok Online introduces original system tactics.


Well, there you have it! Are you amped yet?

Ragnarok Oddysey Ace will also have new features, like the ability to import save data from Ragnarok Odyssey, new online multi-player communication features, new Ace Skills, and more monsters. A free trial of the game will be available starting August 8.

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Source: Famitsu


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