Comiket 84 is just a few days away! Can you feel the anticipation in the air?

We have already detailed which goodies you can get from a few of the various company booths like those for Cospa and Shaft. Today, we’re taking a look at Takara Tomy’s Comiket goodies.

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Takara Tomy will be setting up shop in Booth #612 on WEST 4th floor and they will be rocking merchandise from several series like Rozen Maiden, Amnesia, Hyper Dimension Neptunia, Devil Survivor 2 and Hakuoki the movie. And if those series aren’t enough for you, they will also be selling some awesome Danganronpa merchandise as well.

The following special Rozen Maiden photography group No. 6 will only be available during Comiket 84 for 200 yen each. This special photography group includes Shinku, Suigintou, Canaria, Kirakishou and Jun Sakurada.


They will also be selling AR Gatchas. AR Gatchas are basically key chains that come with a special AR code which allows you to download an app for your Android or iPhone. By downloading this app, you can have the image from the key chain you purchased as a wallpaper for your smartphone.

Here are their AR Gatchas from Hakuoki the movie, Amnesia, Hyperdimension Neptunia (which we have previewed earlier) and Devil Survivor 2.

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Danganronpa is currently one of the hottest anime of the summer season and its video game has been very very successful. Takara Tomy is also offering up several Danganronpa merchandise including these Super Danganronpa 2 pantsu pouches which are sold for 300 yen each. Chapter 1 features the guys from the game and has seven varieties to choose from while chapter 2 features the girls and has 8 varieties to choose from. Now, boxers or briefs?

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Well, we are certainly not forgetting about the original students attending Monokuma’s “School of Despair”. These Danganronpa key chains will be sold for 200 yen. You can choose either Makoto Naegi, Kyouko Kirigiri, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Aoi Asahina, Junko Enoshima or you can choose them all.


The Takara Tomy booth will also be selling these straps from the upcoming Fall vampire anime Diabolik Lovers. There are 6 varieties to choose from and each one costs 200 yen.


The booth will also be taking pre-orders for this “Nobunaga to Ranmaru ~ What should I do? ~” figure for the event. The pre-order price for this figure is 3,300 yen.


And speaking of Sengoku Nabe TV, here are several Time Capsule straps. Each strap is worth 300 yen.


Takara Tomy is also featuring Kami Usagi Rope, a comedy anime short from Yuuji Uchiyama and the Academy Award-winning anime studio Robot. This Rope and Akira-senpai figure is up for pre-order and costs 3,300 yen.


The booth will also be offering these Kami Usagi Rope straps which will be sold for 200 yen each.


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