Imagine, going to your local fast food chain to eat lunch… and then, from out of nowhere, a certain vengeful spirit appears…

Well, that’s certainly what the dinners at a Lotteria in East Ikkebukuro experienced today, August 9, as Sadako (of “The Ring” fame) was made the store’s honorary manager for the day. Customers got their orders taken and served by the vengeful spirit through a TV.

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Fans were most certainly thrilled to get served in such a unique manner by the fast food chain as guests filled the fast food restaurant hoping to catch a glimpse of Sadako. Sadako even did some cleaning to show how serious she is as a manager as she cleaned the windows.

This is all happening thanks to a collaboration between Japanese fast food chain Lotteria and the upcoming Sadako 3D 2 movie which will hit Japanese theaters on August 30.

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Sadako also got a milk shake in her honor as Lotteria is currently serving the Sadako Milkshake. Too bad it’s not ice cream, huh? I scream for ice cream Sadako milkshake?

The milkshake kinda looks like Sadako with the long messy “hair” strands which are made of chocolate. This milkshake is a limited time offer and will only last until September 30.

This promotion is even supported by Japan’s Ministry of Environment to promote some Global Warming awareness. What a nice vengeful spirit Sadako is indeed, she even cares for the environment.


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