Cast members of the upcoming Sailor Moon musical made an appearance in front of some fans yesterday, August 23 at the Saitama Super Arena’s Kaiyaki Square.


The cast members, Satomi Okubo (Sailor Moon), Miyabi Matsura (Sailor Mercury),  Kanon Nanaki (Sailor Mars), Yu Takahashi (Sailor Jupiter) and Shiori Sakata (Sailor Venus) all sang and danced together in costume.

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Miyabi Matsura who plays Ami/ Sailor Mercury was the only one who was able to sing a solo number after the other Sailor Warriors asked her “Ami-chan, why won’t you sing?”

The event was part of the publicity for the upcoming Sailor Moon: La Reconquista live-action stage musical which features an all-female cast. The musical is all part of the 20th anniversary celebrations for the Sailor Moon franchise which includes some special merchandise and a new anime.

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 The performances will be held in the AiiA theater in Shibuya, Tokyo from September 13 until September 23. There will be a break day however as there will be no performance on September 17. Tickets are now on sale and they cost 6,800 yen per person.

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