Last WonFes, the people over at Good Smile Company not only revealed the nendoroid version the mighty colossal titan, but also the nendoroid for the lovely yet powerful Mikasa Ackerman.

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This nendoroid may be small and cutesy but she definitely packs a wallop as she comes armed to the teeth with her 3D maneuver gear as well as some smoke and sword effects for additional posing action!

Like all Nendoroids, she comes with a variety of faces including her normal poker face, the additional angry face, distraught face and her “mouth covered up with her signature scarf” face.

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Mikasa’s Nendoroid version will cost 4,000 yen and is now available  pre-order online via the Good Smile online shop. The Good Smile Online shop however has a fixed shipping price of 2,000 yen regardless of how many pieces you order. It is scheduled for release January 2014 and pre-order starts today, August 29, 2013.


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