Rumours of a Silver Spoon live-action movie surfaced on the Web last month when eagle-eyed fans noticed that Toho had been quietly recruiting extras and registering a Web domain for a film whose premise sounded suspiciously like the agriculture-themed manga and anime series.

Today, those rumours have been confirmed; a 2ch forumer has leaked the first official details of the Silver Spoon live-action movie from an unidentified print publication, along with the following pictorial evidence:

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silver spoon live-action

silver spoon live-action 2

According to the print article, the movie will star Kento Nakajima and Alice Hirose as Yugo Hachiken and Aki Mikage respectively.

“I’d like to play this role to the best of my ability so as to leave no regrets behind, and fully immerse myself into the world of Silver Spoon,” Nakajima said to the Japanese press while cosplaying as Yugo Hachiken, complete with the character’s trademark black spectacles.

“With this role I was able to experience life on a dairy farm and horseback riding. Through the movie I’d like to convey the joy of that experience to people who’ve never done these activities before,” he added.

Filming for the movie begun on August 3, and is expected to wrap up sometime in mid September.

Preparation for the shoot, however, begun way before the August 3 date. For instance, lead actress Alice Hirose said that prior to the start of filming, she had already lived on the dairy farm for about two weeks in order to prepare herself for the role.

Other than Nakajima and Hirose, two other cast members were revealed in the print article.

Film veteran Ryuhei Ueshima will play the role of Oezo Agricultural High School’s pricipal, while Mikihiro Ogawa (better known as Nakamura Shidou II) has been cast as the equestrian club’s advisor.

The Silver Spoon live-action movie is expected to hit theatres in Japan sometime in Spring 2014.

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