Remember that Lawson-Asahi soft drinks collaboration for some free Madoka Magica figures for every 600ml pet bottle of Asahi Jurokucha or a 470ml pet bottle of Spiral Grape purchased? Well, they have gone the way of the Revoltech Woody as people from all-over Japan have displayed their toys in some rather peculiar and funny photos when they were released yesterday, August 13.

Lawson and Asahi may have originally may have originally intended to have people do something like this, a proper pyramid with Miki, Sayaka, Mami, Homura, Madoka and Kyuubey…


…but instead, we got people making them do stuff like this, and poor Homura is at the receiving end of it all.


I think Kyuubey just had his own wish granted


How’s this for your TIRO FINALE?!


Fate: That’s a cute dog!


My, someones getting kidnapped. Wait, is that OPTIMUS PRIME?!


No escape for you now!


Did somebody call HENTAI KAMEN?!


These of course have a head-swap option, and what the head-swap option does is basically… and yes, these are figma heads

madoka5 madoka7

Oh Onee-chan!


Well, this won’t certainly be the first time people had some fun with Madoka

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