Every athlete knows that you can’t just rush into something – you have to prepare. For those of you waiting in anticipation for season two of popular sports anime Kuroko no Basket, what better way to practice your fan skills than by indulging in some half-time goods?

You might also need to exercise some self-restraint though, because this merchandise will make you feel like part of the original Teikou team. Seriously, check out this water bottle! If I actually played basketball, I would bring this bottle down against any enemy team to let them know who’s coming to the court.

A foolproof plan, except for the fact that I play tennis and I don’t think the intimidation tactic would achieve the same effect…

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If you’re a fan of the “generation of miracles”, but at a more mature age, then don’t worry. The jersey key rings, in addition to the Teikou middle school jersey, also has Kuroko’s high school jersey. And if you root for the opposite team, then you’ll be happy to see rival high school Rakuzan’s Seijuro Akashi has been included.

kuroko2 kuroko3 kuroko4

In other related news, Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s twenty-third volume of Kuroko no Basket came out today, so you have something to read while October approaches with the second season.

For more information on how to obtain one of these goodies for yourself, check out ComicNatalie’s lottery.

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