Although STGCC is short for Singapore Toy. Game & Comic Convention, the double Cs might as well stand for “Cosplay and more Cosplay”, if Hall A at the Sands Expo & Convention Center is any indication!

While STGCC officially takes place at Halls B and C, the entire Hall A has been reserved for cosplayers to strut around and show their stuff.

In-between interview sessions in the main halls, I was able to sneak into Hall A for a wee amount of time to check out the lively cosplay scene over at Hall A. Before I leave you to our gallery of photos below, I just want to take a moment to highlight my five personal favourites from today’s haul.

Let’s start with the photo that made my day:

stgcc cosplay 43

You are NEVER too old to cosplay. Or to try anything, for that matter.


stgcc cosplay 16

Attack on Titan cosers pledging their allegiance to SGCafe… I think.


stgcc cosplay 11

The voice actors for Free! should take some cosplay (and probably swimming) lessons from these guys.


stgcc cosplay 29

This is SWORD ART Online cosplay… at an offline event.


stgcc cosplay 26

Kawaii is justice.


Check out the rest of our shots in the gallery below, and remember: this is only Day 1!

Tomorrow we’ll be back with more cosplay photos. And before we even make our way down to STGCC on Sunday/Day Two (September 1), we’re going to put up a few more other things that we got from the first day – more Aza Miyuko (cosing as Kuroneko) and Vampy Bit Me (Jun the Swan from Gatchaman) cosplay photos, some event photos, and as many video interviews as we can get to tonight.

Also don’t forget to check out the forums (Cosplay Gallery – General/Events) to see more cosplay photos from STGCC, shot by real photographers (i.e. not a poser like myself). SGCafe forum members dylan1987 and LoneReaction have shared some great stuff from their shoot earlier today.

If you’ve got photos to share, what are you waiting for? Start a thread!

Go do that now, and I’ll see you at STGCC on Sunday! Later!

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