Master Swordsmith Tony Swatton becomes a master in more than one way as he forges a sword that transcends time… no, not Soul Calibur, but Link’s Master Sword from The Legend of Tony Swatton Zelda.

Continuing a legacy of awesome, from Sora’s Keyblade to Cloud’s Buster Sword, Tony Swatton is answering fans demands for yet another epic masterpiece of metal. The Master Sword has finally been recreated as a fully functioning blade.

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Although he had to call in some help from someone skilled at sand molding for the pommel, a technique Swatton points out to be life threatening  because “if even a single speck of moisture gets in the mold, it will explode.”

Luckily for them, there’s no explosion, nor is there any trouble with the difficult to forge bronze. After adding finishing touches to the blade, it proves itself worthy of the Hero of Time as it slashes through pots and heart containers, and slices threw melons in a way not even a chef’s knife can. Check it out!

You can check out the complete Man At Arms series on the AWE me channel on YouTube. Do let him know in the comments of the Zelda video which sword you think he should forge next.

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